Hi everyone I'm Master Sherwin Tng. Today I have a very special introduction video of how I got to started about this business and how you can benefit from it. So stay tuned.. In a very short few minutes you got to understand more about the mysteries of Feng Shui analysis and the forms and shapes so that you can actually fully maximize the energy around you. You can get the results you want in your life.


Of course in your mind that you might think that why should you listen to me?


Over the years I'm happy that I've done a lot of follow-up services with my clients and they are able to share with me their results after their consultation with me. I'm happy to report that they have experienced a very good positive and tremendous progress in their lives. We also have case studies whereby we have clients able to get their dream jobs and to really maximize the opportunities that lies ahead from them.


Now I want to share a favorite questions asked by a lot of people when they first meet me is that is your name Sherwin really in your birth certificate or is something that is auspicious that you just wanted to make it people to remember who I am?  Today I'm taking a screenshot of my own birth certificate right in front of you and you can see that Sherwin was really registered in the birth certificate. So it's not something that I've made up because of my profession. So I guess that my mum who has a great foresight!!


How it all get started for me. It was when my first child was born. As a first time parent, naturally we want to have the best for our kids, and we wanted to have a kaisu auspicious name for him! Through the recommendation of one of my cousins, I went to a Feng Shui master and got to learn about how he actually was able to decipher the information based on the date and time of birth instantly.


I was intrigued by it and this led me on to this journey of discovery. A lot of research being done to validate this ancient wisdom.


Sharing relevant Feng Shui tips so you can make use of it and to make small improvement in your life. What is Feng Shui, it is actually it's just like doing a face reading for a person, but in this case we are reading it for the house or the office that we are auditing. Different areas actually represent different parts of our life naturally, and this will be able to help us get the results we want in our life faster, quicker and in a more measurable way.


So for the house you can see that different parts of the house, it also will have different impacts and this is how as a Feng Shui master that we can measure the energy that is the key of the house. To make it more vibrant in the good sector and to realign the bed direction so this is the way that we can have a balance of the energy. Working on different parts of the house to get you quicker to the goals that you want in your life.


In a nutshell, what a Feng Shui master does is what a scientist is doing: to measure the results after our implementation of our suggestions and with that we are able to fine-tune through our years of studies and research . We are able to help our clients in the best way straight to the point to let you understand where are your good directions your bad directions, how to maximize the good opportunities and to minimize the bad sectors. You will be able to translate to practical straightforward easy to follow steps and guidance for you and your family well-being.


If right now you're thinking about changing your career path or you are just wondering what to do with the different opportunities presented in front of you, this will be the best time for you to approach a Feng Shui master so you can have a clear guidance and clarity of your thoughts to follow through them to realise your dreams. 


I hope you have enjoyed this short message and you have some insights on how Feng Shui  is really applicable and relevant to our modern society. 


Empowering Your Life!

Sherwin Tng


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Master Sherwin Testimonials

I highly recommend that you give Sherwin's consultation a try at least once. His wealth of experience really speaks volumes. He gave concrete and actionable actions I can take to fully make use of my reading.

His experience with his many clients meant that he was able to piece different business strategies and how I can apply them to my business - while keeping in line with my bazi analysis.

Gerald Ong

Director - Meyer Motors
Mercedes Benz Boutique Showroom

Sherwin's mastery of Fengshui is impressive and I appreciate that he applies this ancient knowledge without the superstition.

He is very approachable, gives insightful readings and makes practical suggestions to improve upon current situations and to plan for the future. I highly recommend Sherwin to anyone who would like to find out more about fengshui and how it works!

Elizabeth Chew

Director - Brand AdvantEdge

Branding Consultancy

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