Wedding Date Selection

Auspicious Beginning Of Your Marriage 

Marriage is one of the major phases of our lives, hence the wedding which marks the start of a marriage is such a significant event. Choosing an Auspicious Wedding day that is compatible for the couple and their parents means a solid good start to both the union of the couple and the unity of 2 families. It is akin to cementing a strong foundation for the couple’s relationship and the harmony of both families.


A Chinese customary wedding includes many ceremonial events or milestones that begin even before the wedding day. Auspicious dates are also chosen for events such as Betrothal Gifts Giving (过大礼) and Marital Bed Installation (安床). All date selections are based on couples’ birth dates, times and birth dates of couples’ parents.


Master Sherwin always emphasizes that while a good start to the marriage is very important, a stable, long-lasting marriage needs to be cultivated and nurtured over the years. He goes the extra mile to provide a 30-minute marriage consultation session for the couple to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other from the Bazi analysis perspective. His advice for couples is famous for being practical and actionable. Learn from Master Sherwin how to live, work and have fun together with lots of understanding and minimal friction.


Reduce your wedding preparation stress by letting Master Sherwin assist you with the date selections and be ready for the life transition to married life with his insightful advice.

Auspicious Wedding Date Almanac