Bestowing Your Child With The Most Suitable & Meaningful Name

Your First Gift To Your Child




A well-thought and carefully selected name is very important as this is the first gift to your precious newborn baby. Your baby receives love and blessings from you along with the bestowed name.  


Chinese names, especially, have a special significance. Their meanings can be the aspirations which parents hope for their child or the moral values which parents wish to instill in them. A well chosen name will give your child a positive head start in life. First impressions do count. 


Master Sherwin's carefully selected baby names are based on 4 aspects:

  1. Pronunciation

  2. 5 Elements

  3. Number of strokes

  4. Meaning

In addition, Master Sherwin takes into consideration the parents’ names, siblings’ names and lineage characters (家谱) to ensure your baby’s name is in harmony with the family.



起名 Baby Chinese Name


My newborn has arrived! I need to do the name registration soon. How long does it take for Master Sherwin to come up with a name for my baby ?

So what information do I need to give Master Sherwin in order to select a most suitable name?

How many names will Master Sherwin provide for me to choose from?

So what's the process of name selection like?

Upon receiving all the required information and payment from you, Master Sherwin will analyze the possible names and select the most suitable ones for your baby. You will receive the list of names to look through before a Zoom consultation with Master Sherwin.


During the Zoom session, you can discuss the names with Master Sherwin to understand the rationale behind each selected name and then ultimately make the best choice for your child.


Master Sherwin will also share about the baby's character, favourable colours, cot sleeping positions and parenting methods suited for your child. All these recommendations are also provided in a written report for your future reference. 

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